Wealthy Affiliate Review – From a Beginner

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – From a Beginner

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Hello! Stay at home mom (SAHM) here, looking for ways to supplement my husband’s teaching income. In this post, please find my absolutely TRUE review of a website known as Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I am 100% new to this. In fact, I’ve only researched a handful of affiliate programs such as this, and have settled on Wealthy Affiliate. After some initial reviews, I signed up for a FREE account. What other affiliate marketing company do you know of that allows someone to sign up for free AND get training for free to learn how to create an online affiliate business? You don’t know of any? Me either!

Who I Am

As I stated above, I’m a SAHM eagerly searching for lucrative ways to add passive income to our family. My husband and I have two young children, who I home school. My husband and I have been teachers for more than a decade but decided recently to give home school a try. The decision was an easy one, of course. What mom wouldn’t love an opportunity to be around her kids to teach them, advise them, help them, experiment with them? There are so many things I’m excited to do with my kids. Wealthy Affiliate is giving me the opportunity to be at home with our children AND make some additional cash!

I Promise…

I promise to be 100% honest with you. Always. Should things come up down the road causing me to change my review of Wealthy Affiliate, I will update my original responses. I need to be clear that I am an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, and if you click on the links from this post directing you to their website, I will get credit should you sign up for a paid membership option. You do NOT need to sign up for a paid membership. I didn’t at first! Remember, one of the reasons I love this company is because you are allowed to join for FREE! Something fun to note is that if you DO sign up after having clicked on my link, I’ll get notified and we’ll be able to have direct one-on-one conversations within the Wealthy Affiliate platform! I will be able to give you more details and help guide you in the right directions.

~~ Click here to get started! ~~

How I found Wealthy Affiliate

A few days ago, I was about to give up my search at trying to find a way to make money online, and I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. How had I never heard of it before? I tell you, I have been on this search for MONTHS! I was skeptical. If I’m honest, I’m still a little skeptical. Can it work? What does it do? How does one make any income this way?

When I was directed to the site, I automatically signed up for a free account. The amount of support from the Wealthy Affiliate community was immediate. I had messages from Kyle, one of the co-founders of the company. Also, other new members were experiencing the same questions I was having, and with the help of thousands of other Wealthy Affiliate affiliates, we were being helped within minutes! I could not believe the overwhelming support of the WA community. This is probably what pushed me into believing this was a LEGIT opportunity!

What’s Next?

I’m still finding that out. I am still just a newbie to this website, but I absolutely LOVE what I’ve been experiencing the past few days. I will never claim to know everything, and I certainly don’t know everything about WA, but I am teachable. I need to learn everything I can to become successful through Wealthy Affiliate, and I strive to learn more and more every day – through the website. I’m telling you EVERYTHING you need to know is there for you! There are free lessons and training to get you started. I finished my free training within a day and realized there is so much more to learn and the possibilities are endless. The next day, I signed up with a premium membership, so I now have TONS more at my fingertips that I’ve gained access to. Help. Tools. Resources. There are live training, members willing and wanting to help out at any time of the day, video courses, real outcomes, and most important to me, transparency. This company is very upfront about everything and extremely willing to help everyone succeed!


I could literally go on and on. I could go into all the things I accomplished in the first few lessons. I could talk in detail about which direction I am planning on taking my online business. I could tell you all about how I have spoken one-on-one with the co-founders of this company (that has been around since 2005). However, at the end of the day, it will be up to YOU to decide whether Wealthy Affiliate is for you. Simply put, I would never put myself out there like this if I didn’t believe in it fully. I tell you nothing less than I would tell my closest friends and family.

Join Me Today!

We’re only a few days apart from being at the exact same point. Jump into this journey with me. Let’s learn together and be successful with the help of others in the Wealthy Affiliate community. I have no desire to look elsewhere. I am fully committed to making this business work for me and for my family.  I would love to introduce you to the WA community!  Click here to open a whole new world of opportunities!

My Final Opinion + Special Bonus!

As promised, I’ve been continuing to update the content within this page.  I am more convinced than ever that Wealthy Affiliate has the tools I need to succeed. Join as a Starter.  It’s FREE!  After you join and set up your account, I promise to touch base with you in the first hour!  WA will walk you through each step in detail!

How To Claim Your Bonus

If you join with a PREMIUM membership within your first 7 days on the website, I will offer you a special bonus!  Upon creating your Starter account with WA, I will personally be contacting you with a greeting, some great advice regarding WA, including how you can get the Premium membership for 59% off, and how to claim your bonuses. Jump in!  It will be worth it!

Ciao for now,
Happier At Home

PS…WA has a phenomenal way to search for relevant keywords for your writing.  Check it out below!

4 Responses

  1. Love your page. It’s a breeze to the eyes. Love the review you have done. Keep up and provide people with no biased information. There is to much of it out there.

  2. Anna says:

    Loved the review. I am a new mom blogger and this was quite helpful. I’ll look them up. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi, Anna! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I would love to answer any questions you might have. Please reach out – or find me within Wealthy Affiliate! Best of luck to you – this platform is truly amazing!! Blessings!

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