Money-Back Guarantees. What Do They Mean?

Loving Life At Home

Can you feel better knowing that if you purchase a product from a website, you will have the opportunity to refund it if you’re unhappy with it?  Of course, there are rules.  You must meet the criteria for a full refund.  


Yes. Websites can mention specific criteria for a refund.  For example, I’ve seen 14-day, 30-day, and 60-day guarantees, but you’ll find they vary substantially from one company to another.


Don’t worry!  If the product you purchased is backed by a money-back guarantee and you meet the criteria within the number of days specified, you’re going to get your money back!  Contact the company for your refund.

Satisfied With Your Purchase?

Awesome!  You don’t need a refund.  Enjoy your new purchase.  If you want, write a review of the product!

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