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Make Money By Blogging – Affiliate Marketing Solution

blogging for money

Are you stuck?  Are you stuck at a place in your life where you know you need help to move forward?  If you’re here, you’re likely searching for something. That something might be help to start your very own online business – to direct you to meet your goals of recurring passive income. Sound like something you’re interested in? There is money to be made in blogging and affiliate marketing.


Ponderings thinking about beginning an online business

Do you enjoy writing? Maybe you don’t know if you do, but you’re willing to learn? Do you enjoy learning about things through research? Can you take what you’ve learned and share it with others in hopes of helping others? Are you a social person? Maybe you’re an introvert like me? Do you have a full-time job? Are you a stay-at-home parent? Are you looking for a side-gig because you want to provide the means to do more things with and for your family? Perhaps you’ve answered yes to some of these questions. Maybe you even answered no to some. The fact is, this post is for anyone looking to creatively pursue pathways to creating a passive income online.


Blogging blogging for income

Blogging can be extremely rewarding, giving you an outlet to target your audience and tailor your content to those who will benefit from what you have to say. You are able to use your voice and write to capture the attention of folks looking for advice on things you offer. You get to be the ‘boss’ of what you post and you can engage with your readers through posts, comments, quizzes, social media platforms, and others. Blogging is a great way to begin your journey to passive income.



Why? begin a blog for money

Well, the reason I mentioned blogging is that it’ll give you a reason to create a website, which you’ll undoubtedly need if you’re going to begin a business. Blogging takes shape with your writing, and soon, you’ll be writing to a particular audience. Maybe you want to target stay at home moms, for example. Perhaps you want to reach senior citizens. Maybe you’re wanting to help people who are struggling with their 9-5 job. At any rate, you’ll select an audience, and write to them. You’ll produce content that will keep them coming back to read your posts. Within your writing, you’ll be able to then give them the help they need.

** If you’re at a point of feeling overwhelmed right now, read this post about whether or not

it’s even worth it to begin an online business. **


Niche Selection select a niche - blog for money

This is called choosing a niche, interests that appeal to a small, specialized selection of the population. For example, you might have a desire to help stay at home parents stay organized, so you’ll offer tips or products to help get them organized. Maybe you want to help the elderly find the best hearing aids or walker, so they are able to enjoy life. Maybe you’re a little like me, and want to help those who currently have a boss, become their own boss. Then, we find products and services to help them accomplish that goal.

Select A Website Builder And Host select a hosting website for your money making blog

This step is very important. If you are coming into this process with an already established website, great! If you’re completely new, that is also okay! The reason it’s important to choose a web host is that they offer many things to you as part of their platform. I use WordPress and a hosting platform that has blown all others I’ve researched out of the water. Check out this post on how to build a website in seconds! Once you decide on a platform, there will be many options available to you. Take a peek at the company I have chosen here. In fact, if you head over there right now, you can sign up for free.

7 days free – on me!

Side Note side note on purchasing a domain

Many people will have decided on a niche and then go straight to purchasing their own domain (.com, .org, .net). This ensures your own piece of online real estate. While it will prove beneficial in the future, it’s not necessarily something that you’ll need to do immediately. The reason I would recommend holding off is that if you sign up for the free account listed above, you’ll be able to host 2 websites for free on that platform! If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to this platform in a couple of simple steps! Not to worry!


Prepare And Build create your blogging website - for money

Once you have established your niche and have a hosting site (with or with your own domain at this point), you’re ready to begin writing to your selected audience. Inside the 7 free day offer, you’ll be able to create your own website and get started immediately. There are several pieces of training and tutorials that will literally walk you through the foundation for your new website. Continue with the training and be amazed at the many more training opportunities that await you! You can stay as a free member and build your website, or you can upgrade for $19 to access more of the training. (I chose to become a premium member just hours after signing up for my initial account. I hope you will see the value as I did and do the same thing.)


Work At Your Own Pace test drive wealthy affiliate

You may have other obligations right now. That’s totally understandable. You might not be able to put in the time you’d like in order to get your website off and running. You will be offered training about selecting your niche, creating a website, SEO, social media, etc. I started here knowing nothing. The great thing about this platform is that there is absolutely no rush. Everyone is able to work at a pace that suits him/her. There is no pressure or need for a credit card. You have a chance at 7 free days to test drive the platform and if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave at any time. Or, you can stay and hang out with me and others within the community! It’s the happening place to be these days!


Support support within wealthy affiliate

You’re skeptical. It’s okay. I was too. I’ll be on the other side waiting to welcome you and help guide you to success! That’s the amazing thing about this online community – every person there (we’re pushing millions) is willing to help you along in this journey. We are all working toward success, and would like you along with us. What do you say?

Join Today For Free!

Final Thoughts sky is the limit

There is no risk in a free account. I know you’re itching to learn how to make some additional cash and what a better way than to start today – for free! Check it out. You owe it to yourself to see if it’s something you think will fit your lifestyle and personality. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comment section. I would love to help you realize the potential of your dreams today. Why wait? The sky is the limit – and it’s beautiful and blue today. Let me help you on this journey by walking it alongside you.

Ciao For Now,
Happier At Home


23 Responses

  1. selina8 says:

    Hello.  Nice article. Thanks for sharing.  I am also doing this.  The free trial is great!    It is a great marketing platform, specifically for beginners.  It is good also for those who already have an established website or domain.  Wealthy Affiliate can easily transfer it to host.  Great job!  Thanks for writing this for someone to know the steps to take to begin blogging for money. 

  2. Wayne says:

    I’m already doing what you have written about here.  When I first started blogging I wondered whether or not I would like to write having not done very much of that in my life.  But I wanted to find something I could do online to make some money to supplement our retirement income when nd if the time ever came about.

    At first, I didn’t really think that much about blogging.  I had heard about it in passing but I didn’t realize that people were making money doing it and I knew even less about having a niche website or Affiliate Marketing.  Instead, I opted for doing surveys and signed up for a few but quickly found out that they took a lot of time to do and didn’t pay very much.  there was no way this was going to be a significant way to increase my retirement income.

    During that process, I came across several WA reviews. At the time they sounded very intriguing and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical, to begin with.  But there were just so many and they all talked about a free membership to test it out so I figured, what did I have to lose.

    Long story short, just like you, I signed up within the first few days.  I saw the value of being a Premium Member.  Those first few lessons opened up a whole new avenue that I knew could give me what I wanted in my retirement.

    I still there, still waiting for my first dollars to arrive, still trying to figure things out but, I know it will eventually pay off.  Just have to keep pushing forward until it happens.

    It’s the real deal and… ANYONE can do it.


    • admin says:

      Hello, Wayne! Thank  you for putting this into writing!  I appreciate you taking the time to do this so others can clearly see the process through which we signed up for Wealthy Affiliate.   Laying a solid foundation is the first crucial step in building for the future and anyone who wants to do it right will find the answers in WA.  It’s the best platform for learning I’ve ever found!!  Thank you!  Cheers to your future success!!🎈🥳

  3. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this great post!

    Writing was never my thing but I did start a blog anyway and let me tell you, it was and still is an amazing experience.  I started it in order to make money but it grew into a passion for helping others that I didn’t know I had.  That passion actually made the writing process non-work.

    I’ve only recently looked at monetizing it and it’s actually working out pretty well.

    What you talk about here is what I wish I had found before I started.  To anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and give it a try.  You might be amazed at what you discover.

    Thanks again,


    • admin says:

      Hey, Scott!  Thank you for sharing your experience!  Like you, I am so beyond grateful for this platform.  I was hesitant but a free trial…Why not?  Within minutes,  I knew I had the ability to dream beyond my wildest dreams!  Best wishes as you continue to move along in this journey!!  God Bless!  

  4. Henderson says:

    Great article and a very nice way to come about it here.  I am also a blogger with the platform you have laid out here and i believe they have the best training for anyone who is willing to learn how to blog. You’re very right that some people do not know they have great potential in writing. This was the same with me. Now, i work from home at my own pace and don’t need to think about any boss. Currently, i am my own boss. Great work here, keep up the good stuff.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for validating my words!  I am so happy that you have also found success within this platform!  There are so many success stories and I wish I could link to them all for those who are on the fence. It is working for me, and I know it can work for anyone else who has the desire to seek passive income. Good luck to you as you continue down the road to success!! Blessings!

  5. Amy Burcham says:

    I really like your site! very simple and elegant as far as pictures are concerned.  Lots of great content, are you receiving good traffic from the methods you are using?  How long have you been with WA?  Keep up the great work!  If you need traffic I joined mlm gateway and am receiving great results. you may want to checkout! I’m not able to list website here but message me if interested in the info!

  6. Kohl says:

    Great breakdown of affiliate marketing! I am personally continuing to build out my training and nutrition website! My primary goal is to help people, however, a separate goal of mine is generating income through affiliate marketing! What is your personal favourite part of affiliate marketing? Also, what plugin do you use for your email subscription pop up? I would love to use it myself! 

    • admin says:

      Hey, Kohl!  Thank you for dropping by.  You have chosen a great niche!  Well done!  My favorite part of affiliate marketing is the plethora of options there are out there – for product promotion.  We can take our market anywhere!  The plugin I have been using is MailMunch!  Best of luck to you as you continue to build out your website!  God Bless!

  7. Rodarrick says:

    Undoubtedly, wealthy affiliate is great for the support and the training. The 7days free trial is immense and I became a premium member immediately I joined the platform because It was just simply awesome as a platform. Simply great and of help to me. All you have highlighted as tips to getting started with blogging and affiliate marketing are spot on.  Thanks for sharing this

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment!  I appreciate your words, as you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and can speak to that. I’m hoping others will find the platform just as beneficial as we do!  Blessings as you continue this journey!

  8. affiliate_ghost says:

    This post on making money by blogging on affiliate marketing reminds me of my first foray into trying to “make money online” first with a blog(i wrote short stories and poetry) – dead end! nothing happened for me. I love to write so it was a shocker i did not succeed. This was 7 years ago,

    Late last year i signed up for the wealthy affiliate training because i was looking for a way to make money online and since i have been following the training i now see how those i looked at 7 years ago did it through blogging. 

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • admin says:

      Of course!  Thank you for sharing your experience!  I’m so happy that you can now use your writing in a profitable way!  Cheers to your success!!🎉

  9. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing this platform. I haven’t really looked into Wealthy Affiliate yet but I will now. My favourite affiliate programs are ShareASale and Sendowl. Thanks again!
    -Karen @

    • admin says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Karen! You will be amazed by the number of learning opportunities within Wealthy Affiliate! I hope to see you on the platform soon! I’ve heard of ShareASale – I’ll be sure and check out your link! Thank you! Blessings. 🙂

  10. zandra castillo says:

    These are great tips for earning money through affiliate marketing. I will definitely take some time this week to go through the suggestions you listed in this post. I use affiliate marketing in my blog yet, I have not seen any monetary results from it yet.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for stopping by, Zandra! Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that you will have so much success with. Please at least grab your free account and try it yourself. You’ll see the benefit within the first hour! Blessings to you as you continue your affiliate journey! Cheers!

  11. Ja says:

    Fantastic news to me!!
    I was looking into ways to build up an online business but couldn’t pay what other trainings asked. Then I looked up the reviews and even if it’s much more affordabl and sustainable even in the long run, it also has the best reviews. Is it true that you can build a website in 30seconds? And that all of this training is free for a month? They must be pretty sure about what they offer, at Wealthy Affiliate.
    As I’m looking for a way to put in hard work now, near to no money, for a future where I have time to follow my passion and loved ones, I guess I owe it to myself to test this out.
    You said that beautifully! It spoke to me and I will see you on that magic platform!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for visiting!! I am looking forward to seeing you within the campus of Wealthy Affiliate! You really won’t be disappointed. It’s a great learning platform that has an even greater community. I am more than blessed by the advice I’ve been given and the friendships I’ve made. Thanks again for stopping by! I hope we can connect inside WA! Cheers to your success, friend!

  12. Jennabel says:

    Blogging is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Writing is not my best skill but thankful for my hubby who edits my posts, lol. It’s hard but it’s also rewardibng. Good, read!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I love to write. I would encourage you to keep at it! It definitely gets better the more you write! Best of luck in your blogging adventures!

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