Jaaxy Review – Keyword Research Tool

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Jaaxy Review – Keyword Research Tool

What Is Jaaxy?

I like fun facts.  Let’s start with one.  Jaaxy is the ONLY keyword and research platform that was created for affliiate marketers by affiliate marketers.  Therefore, you can be certain that the brains behind this tool knew what to do when it was created.  Jaaxy is a competitive online research tool.  It helps you to find and figure out how best to use keywords.

So What?

Why is this important?  Why should you worry about keywords?  What are keywords?  How will they help or hinder your online business?  Let’s take a deeper look behind why learning about the strategic use of keywords is so important.  How do you effectively research keywords?

What It Can Do For You

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Keep track of your competitors’ sites to see what their ranks are
  • Automatically generates the ‘Alphabet Soup Technique’ results for you
  • Search for affiliate programs in your niche
  • Brainstorming platform
  • Search for your site’s keyword ranking
  • Keep track of your site’s keyword ranking automatically

Check It Out

for FREE.  If you don’t already have a Jaaxy account, head over there and sign up for a free account.  You’ll get 30 free searches.  Jaaxy gets rid of the clutter and allows you the ability to read the results in a clear and concise format.  It also provides additional keywords to go off of your already searched keywords.

If You’re An Affiliate Marketer, You’re Going To Want To Know

…all of these things that Jaaxy can provide you with: 

* Keyword competition

* Keyword traffic data

* A Quality Set of Keywords

* Where Your Site is Ranked

* Domains that  are Available

* What your competition is doing (in terms of Search Engine Optimization – SEO)


Using The Right Keywords Creates  A Powerful Platform

Watch this video tutorial that explains it in greater detail.  Then head over to snag your free account to see it in action for yourself!  You’ll be surprised at all it can offer you and your business!  Happy searching!

Also, check it out here!


As always, feel free to comment with any questions!  Also, go ahead and discuss the success you’ve had with Jaaxy!  I’d love to hear about how you’re incorporating it into your business!

Ciao For Now,
Happier At Home

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for this very interesting review, the video is very well done and very explicit.When you listen to it you have all the details to make an immediate decision on what you want to do with this offer.Congratulations again.

  2. I love the idea at the top of tape where you created like a pin/image. To where we as views can for example. Pin that image on Pinterest and add to a board or just repin it. You have some good content going here. I have used Jaaxy and i must say that i have learned a couple new tricks from your review. Like the “Keyword rank tracker” such a useful piece of information from just that right there. Overall great review. Keep up the good word. 🙂

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