A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

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A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

Home School Outing #1

Well, I took the kids on their first home school field trip today. Walmart. Just kidding. This could hardly be considered a field trip. Or can it?!  A planned quick in and out turned into something like… scouring the food aisles for best prices, searching for everything on the list (I forgot pepperoni), weaving in and out of stockers in the middle of aisles, and then a staggering 22-minute wait to be checked out.

Let’s go back to the pepperoni for a second. I had been working on a list for this trip for well over a week. It’s quite the ordeal for us to even go to Walmart. Tiny mountain towns are not very close to larger cities. The closest Walmart to us is just under an hour and a half drive – one way. Anyway, the list. I could have easily not even compiled one, as I didn’t even look at it once. I was so focused on getting in and out of there, I didn’t even check it. Have you ever done that? No pepperoni is the result. I guess we won’t be making pizza or quesadillas for a while.

Lane #9

When we got in line, I knew it was going to be a little wait. The folks in front of me had quite a few items in their carts. However, it was the shortest line by far. I believe there were only six of the 15+ aisles open, and the lines were growing into the clothing department. Waiting is difficult when you have kids along. It’s even more complicated when trying to convince your 4-year-old that it’s not a good idea to play with all the little trinkets for sale, conveniently located at said child’s eye-level. After knocking off several tubes of chapstick, lighters, and tiny hand sanitizers, and candy bars, I was finally able to persuade him to help me place our items on the belt.


David was the name of our cashier. My patience with him was dwindling by the second. Each time my son dropped something else off the display shelf, I would grow more and more aggravated. David didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He was carrying on conversations and having a marvelous time taking his time. I digress. While the line behind me was getting longer, we really weren’t on a time schedule. Why did I care if it took longer than I thought it should? I’m a stay at home mom and we’re homeschooling – what’s the rush? (Only the fact that there may be few products left on the shelf from the doings of my tiny tornado son.)

A Kind-Hearted Man

When my daughter, who was leading our line, reached David, he met her at eye level and asked her how she was. Sweet soul. I was so busy unpacking our cart that he was speaking to my children. They were chatting away and David slowly began ringing up my items. A few items in, my daughter told David that she was looking forward to trying the new cereal we were purchasing. He asked her what her favorite cereal was, and shared that Frosted Flakes were his favorite. He scanned a few more products and what he said next has been on my mind for hours…

I Was Perplexed

and was hurriedly trying to get the last of our items on the belt AND load the cart with the already bagged items when David spoke again. He stopped what he was doing and said, “You know, when I was little, my mom used to mix the Frosted Flakes with Corn Flakes in a big container. That’s how we ate cereal. There were four of us, and she made the budget stretch as far as it would go”.  I just smiled at him and all I could offer was that his mom was a smart lady. He finished his duties, I paid, and he very kindly said goodbye to me and my children.

Why Is This Conversation Still Lingering?

As we were driving home, my very inquisitive 8-year-old asked me why David’s mother would mix cereals like that. I explained to her why I thought it was done. She couldn’t believe that anyone would have to eat cereal like that, and the conversation that followed made us want to turn around and buy David several boxes of Frosted Flakes, just so he could eat them without having to mix them with Corn Flakes.

David is an adult. He very likely has been married and raised his own children, but my daughter’s questioning made me feel so blessed to be in the position we are in.

Have You Ever Cut Your Family’s Income By Half?

Perhaps you’ve been following my posts and you already know that after having been a teacher for 12 years, I switched gears to stay at home with our children this year. My husband, who is also a teacher, has been more than supportive. I have always wanted to home school, so the opportunity to do so has been a blessing. However, we’ve cut our income in half. We’re making other changes to offset the financial burdens that could incur, but the planner in me has me wishing I could provide some income from home.

Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes

I’ve never had to eat my cereal mixed like David. I hope I never have to. Our short conversation today has me thankful for that. It’s also got my wheels turning about how I can add some monthly income from staying at home with our littles. I’m working on it daily, but I have a vision, and no one wants to succeed at it more than I do. If you’re curious about steps I’m taking to make this vision a reality, check this out. Read about it.

Final Thoughts

When isn’t a trip to Walmart a frustrating one? Most days, I’m happy to avoid the place. However, there are things we purchase only from Walmart, solely based on price. Trips there are inevitable. How often are we frustrated by the long lines? The slow cashiers? The aisle obstacles? The list goes on. While my personal problem with patience wasn’t cured today, I was uniquely blessed by David, our cashier. He makes me want to do better for my own children. He has pushed my determination into the next realm. Any future success I may gain may be in part to David, my favorite Walmart cashier.

Once you’ve read my post highlighting my plans, pop back here and let me know what you think!  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear your advice or your own success story. See what I’m planning!

Ciao For Now,
Happier At Home

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  1. deraj says:

    You said there are things we purchase only from Walmart. However, I’m really curious to know what things we can purchase only in Walmart since I think everything that we can find in Walmart can be found somewhere else. I don’t like to go Walmart due to the long lines since I hate waiting on lines, hehe.

    • admin says:

      I hear you! Thanks for commenting! True, just about everything you can find at Walmart can be found elsewhere. However, we’re living in a small town with very limited retail options. Therefore for my family, we are only able to purchase some things from Walmart. 🙂 On that same note, I can’t even order everything I’d like online. (We have to go to the ‘city’ for a Walmart run more often than I prefer!)

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