Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The Help You’ve Been Searching For

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The Help You’ve Been Searching For

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Can I make a bold statement or two? You have been looking for that perfect ‘fit’. You’ve scoured the internet hoping to find something that will allow you to be your own boss. You have heard of affiliate marketing and you want to learn more. You need a place to begin. If any of these thoughts are questions you have asked of yourself, then please read on, my friend. This post is for you. I have some advice for you, a beginner to affiliate marketing.



What Is The Definition Of Affiliate Marketing? boggle pieces, definition of affiliate marketing

I’ve written a post here that discusses it more in-depth. You’d like the quick answer? Basically, affiliate marketing is defined as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Most of the time, people who are successful in this venue are bloggers. Within their posts or articles, they give recommendations or reviews of products they like. They’re able to link their readers to an external site, the affiliate company, for a simplified means to purchase the item. If the reader purchases from that link, the blogger (or affiliate) will earn a commission. The affiliate does some research on a product and promotes it. He’ll earn a piece of the profit from each sale he makes.



How About It? serious about affiliate marketing, chess game

If you are serious about wanting to learn all the secrets to success in affiliate marketing, please continue reading. I am not being paid to tell you all I’m about to mention. My advice is honest and transparent. Can affiliate marketing lead to passive income and financial freedom? It can! I’d like to recommend my best idea for you to move forward with. It’s a great place for both beginners and those who already have a handle on blogging, online marketing, SEO, or affiliate marketing.


The Road To Nowhere road to nowhere - affiliate marketing journey

The process, in the beginning, scared me. In fact, I will be the first to admit that I never intended on falling into affiliate marketing. Not me! I was certain I could make money by taking surveys online. When I only made a few bucks in the first 3 weeks, I turned to several companies for transcription work. Yikes. That was crazy. I did make some money deciphering inaudible conversations, but it was extremely time-consuming and stressful. I became desperate. I searched high and low for a side gig that fit my schedule and personality. I looked into editing, but apparently, you need experience! Ha! I gave up. I was about to close my laptop and BOOM! Something jumped out at me.

The Road To Somewhere road to somewhere - wealthy affiliate journey

When I researched further and knew I had to try this for myself, I was skeptical, but more intrigued by possibility and opportunity. At first, the steps had me puzzled. I was completely new to this world of passive income. It was certainly not something I had thought of as an income opportunity. What hooked me was the idea of blogging. I do enjoy writing; I always have. But then there were these other things that scared me:


* Website Creation (How can I do that?)
run from fear - affiliate marketing journey
* Website Maintenance (I can’t maintain my car! How do I maintain a website?)

* Choosing A Niche (huh?!)

* Researching (Maybe doable.)

* Sign Up For Affiliate Programs (Affili… what?)

* Consistent Content Writing (Will I have the time?)

* Optimize Content (No idea what that means!)

* SEO (Sounds Extremely Outrageous! Apparently it stands for Search Engine Optimization…)

* Generate Traffic (Um… I live in a small town. What does traffic have to do with an online business?)


Warning: Proceed With Caution proceed with caution - affiliate marketing

I shared the above with you not to scare you. In fact, I am hoping to ‘un-scare’ you! Here’s why. I’ve been down this track. I’m still on it! Not long ago, I jumped on this train full of affiliate marketers. I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, creating a website, SEO, traffic, passive income, or any of it. Zero. Heck, I bought a one-way ticket, climbed aboard, and didn’t even have a clue where the destination was! (I know where it’s leading now – keep reading!) Here’s the thing – I’m still on that train and I’m not planning on jumping off it. I have accomplished that daunting list above that I was so scared of.


Can You Hear The Train Coming? jump on the train - affiliate marketing for beginners

Hop on! We’re just slowing down so you can jump on quickly. Get on this train with me. It’s even better if you don’t know where we’re headed, but I’ll let you in on a little secret I’ve been keeping. Ready? Listen carefully! Shhh… I want you to hear this! Are you listening? The final destination is a place called Success! Did you hear that? Success! One of the many great stops will be Passive Income, followed by Financial Freedom! There’s no need to board with any knowledge. Just trust that I’ll be there to help you on the journey.


Welcome Aboard! welcome aboard the affiliate marketing beginner train

Now that you’re on board, have a seat! I want to share with you how I tackled the above tasks. It all began with me signing up for a free (yes, $FREE.99) account with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a company whose founders, Kyle and Carson, created to guide folks like you and me down a road to endless online opportunities. I’ve written other posts about Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner, discussing it as a time-waster (which has proven false), and how it is absolutely legit.


Rolling Around The Bend

Wealthy Affiliate has helped walk me through the process step-by-step. I wouldn’t have this website (or knowledge) if it weren’t for the help of owners, Kyle and Carson. I should also mention Jay. He’s part of this amazing online crew. Jay puts live training together every week for Wealthy Affiliate’s members! Wealthy Affiliate is a domain hosting site that provides the best online community I have ever been a part of, phenomenal training and tutorials, and an endless arsenal of tools to provide you with every means possible to begin a journey as a successful online business marketer!


Only Slowing Down To Pick Up More Passengers added boxcars - affiliate marketing beginner train

WA has more than one million members worldwide. (Our boxcars are filling fast. Not to worry; we just keep adding cars!) As mentioned earlier, it’s absolutely free to join this online platform and try it out. See what you think. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything. Just take a peek around. Heck, you can even try the training for free – and have a website up in minutes, all for free!

In an effort to be fully transparent and honest with you, I will not withhold the next step. In order to gain full access to the platform, there is a monthly fee to become a premium member. It’ll cost you $19 for the first month. I also want to tell you that after only HOURS as a free member, I upgraded to Premium. I will recommend the premium membership to anyone. It was the best choice I made early on.  Why? Premium membership gives you access to everything and everyone within the platform. I was able to continue the phenomenal training and keep building out my website. The training is worth thousands of dollars. Honestly. (You’ll never pay even close to that, but will have access to a gold mine of information!)


Full Steam Ahead Full steam ahead - affiliate marketing for beginners

I can’t impress upon you enough the opportunity to join this community. I am so thankful that I accidentally fell victim to it! I love everything about WA. Just a few of my favorite things happen to be the community, that is all about supporting new members (and old, of course, but especially newbies), the owners, Kyle and Carson, are very present within the platform, and the endless opportunities to learn. It’s been a great ride so far and I would love to have you join me.

Final Thoughts

Everything I needed to learn has been available at Wealthy Affiliate. At the click of a button, access is provided to answer any question or query you may have. The experts within the platform are there to offer help, advice, feedback, and constructive criticism. Everyone is there for the same reason – destination: Success! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to help you on this journey. I would be truly thrilled to ask this train’s conductor to slow down so we can pick you up!


Wealthy Affiliate - Get started now


Ciao For Now,
Happier At Home

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16 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    I love this post. Quite humorous while still being able to educate me on lots about affiliate marketing. And I think you certainly hit many right targets. When I was a beginner and searching up how to make money with affiliate marketing, I’ve come up with these blog posts telling me to buy a website from Bluehost and then write a bunch of articles. And it completely failed for me. After finding Wealthy Affiliate, I finally realize what I needed to do to succeed online. It certainly has some of the best training on the planet and was able to simplify so many things. Great article.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Kevin!!  😊 I appreciate you stopping by and validating Wealthy Affiliate!  It is such a great place to learn how to begin an online marketing business!  What I have gained in knowledge thus far is unfathomable. Cheers!

  2. J W RIDDELL says:

    I’ve been here before. I like your post on success stories. It is good to show this prompting action. The other post that sparked interest for me was the conjunction of WA and WordPress, and I can testify being with WA is the way to go as the hosing and security are exceptional. 

    Many Blessings   

    • admin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to browse and comment!  I’m so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate!  Cheers to your continued success!🥳

  3. Anjali says:


    This article is very interesting to read through. I have to admit that I too searched high and low about the ways I can earn money from home and being my own boss. Even though working at home is very possible way to earn money, the amount of scamming websites made it hard for us to find legitimate sites. Not only that but few unwelcome experiences really damage our self confidence. So thank you for writing this article about wealthy affiliate program. I have come across wealthy affiliate few months back and I have to say that I believe it’s one of the best affiliate marketing sites out there. They have some great training courses and it is very easy follow as the beginners to online business world. 🙂

    • admin says:

      I so value your comments!  Thank you for them!  WA has been the answer to questions I never knew I was asking!  It is extremely legit and offers a fantastic learning platform for beginners!  Best of luck to you as you pursue your journey!  Blessings!

  4. los says:


    Thanks for your article on affiliate marketing. I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. Most articles on affiliate marketing just talk about how great it is. But no one actually gives any practical advice. That’s what I really like about your article. I now have a much better and more concrete understanding of the topic.

    Keep up the great work!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for stopping by!  It’s my intention to be completely forthcoming with truthful information.  I don’t want to lead anyone astray.  Wealthy Affiliate has been a wonderful decision for my life, and I want to encourage others that they, too, can have a slice of this WA pie!  I’m glad the post helped you!  Best wishes to you if you’re venturing down the affiliate marketing road!  Blessings!

  5. drinkteahub says:

    Great article,  I really like the train analogy. Like you I spent a lot of time searching for the way to make an income, whether active or passive, from home, before I found affiliate marketing. It then took me not much time at all to decide that Wealthy Affiliate offered the best combination of training and support to make my ideas into profitable reality. It’s still early days but after only three months my site is paying for itself and I’m well on my way to success. I wish you every success with your business.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for validating Wealthy Affiliate!  I’m so happy that you, too, are finding success!  The learning platform is one I in which astounds me every single day.  There is so much training and help within the platform and I can’t express that enough.  There is no need to look elsewhere!  I’m sure you’re figuring that out, too, just as I am.  Continued success to you!  Blessings!

  6. Steve says:

    I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. I love the training you can receive there. It is so in-depth and thorough, setting you up for success. What I have enjoyed most, however, has been the community. Whenever I have had a question or been struggling, I have found so much support from the other members. They have gone above and beyond to help out a fellow member, which is something I have really appreciated!

    Great post about a wonderful platform!

    • admin says:

      The WA community cannot be beat.  As you mentioned, it really truly is the best source of help I have found when I have questions.  Literally, within minutes, someone has responded if I’ve reached out asking a question to the platform.  I’m so glad you have also been enjoying WA!  It’s been one of my most rewarding decisions as well!  Blessings on your journey!

  7. coralie says:

    Your post was very well written, I love the layout of each sub heading and the pictures that you have.  It looks great.

    As I was reading your post, it sounded more and more like my story.  I hopped on that train 6 mos ago, and still don’t know where it is heading. HAHA.  Affiliate marketing is definitely a long journey, and not a sprint.  Like you I knew nothing about affiliate marketing when I signed up.  I wanted a new journey and of course the dream to build my own business.

    I love that in describing what affiliate marketing is, you touched on all the keywords that eventually we slowly understand as we take this journey.  This post is going to be extremely helpful to anyone even considering this great journey.

    Great job.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Coralie!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and then comment on this post.  Your kind words are very encouraging.  I appreciate the fact that we newbies are able to stand and witness the remarkable platform that lies within Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m proud to be a part of it all – and now!  It’s growing at a rapid rate!  I’m excited to see where the future will lead!  Cheers to your success as you continue this journey!  

  8. Emily says:

    I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member too. I joined as a newbie to making money from home and had no idea about any of those things you mention in your post. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert now, but I understand how everything works thanks to the thorough training I’ve had through them and have started making money off my own affiliate website.
    Affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work and persistence, and the ability to keep going when you’re doubting yourself, but the support from Wealthy Affiliate (the trainers and the community) makes it easier.

    • admin says:

      Nice to meet another Wealthy Affiliate member!  Thank you for validating my post, Emily!  Not long ago, I didn’t know what any of this meant – I’m so thankful to say that I do now, and I couldn’t be happier!  You’re right when you mention the trainers and the community making things easier; there’s always someone available to help.  Not because they have to, but because they WANT to.  That’s part of what sets WA apart from all other platforms.  The sky is the limit with WA!  Best of luck to you!

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